Konami issues safety recall for Justifyer light gun 25 years later

Konami has issued a safety recall for the “Justifier,” a light gun peripheral used with the Lethal Enforcers series for SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD, roughly 25 years after its original release. Note that the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions of the Justifier were not mentioned as neither are included in the recall.

A representative from Konami explained the company’s decision over the weekend. “We at Konami are horrified by the hundreds of mass shootings we see in the news every day,” said Jonathan Richards, Chief of Proactive Prevention at Konami. “We also believe in accountability. That’s why we’ve chosen to immediately recall the Justifier light gun, and consider it unsafe for entertainment use in a civil society. Konami feels that hollow gestures such as these will go a long way in stopping violence using assault pistols before it ever happens.”

When asked why the Super Nintendo and PlayStation models of the Justifier were not included in the recall, Richards responded quizzically, “Aren’t SEGAs and Nintendo Stations for the same thing?” You can get the full details from Konami’s recall announcement here.

Will you be turning over your Justifier following Konami’s recall? Remember, to knowingly choose to keep or attempt to sell a recalled product is a class JK felony in some states under penal code NE1-4-A-69.

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