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On the latest installment of Sit DOWN Sunday (hosted on Patrick Thomas Parnell’s YouTube channel Riot Press Productions), The Splintering founder Blake Worrell got another chance to discuss recent comic book news with Parnell, and The Shepherd creator Dr. Andrea Molinari. This week, we were joined by independent comic book creator Justin Murphy and independent game developer Harrison Bergeron. We

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Retro Review: “Steel Talons” – SEGA Genesis (Attack Helicopter Week special)

Welcome to yet another review celebrating Attack Helicopter Week here at The Splintering! Today we’re picking apart another retro arcade game port, this time it’s Steel Talons for the SEGA Genesis. Before we get going, however, I have to note that this game is ROUGH. I couldn’t play it through in a normal state, so the only solution was to

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Nintendo finally releasing more classic arcade games on Switch; 5 Arcade Archives titles that we want to see

At E3 2018, Nintendo announced their plans to release more classic arcade titles on the Switch eShop as part of its “Arcade Archives” program. Priced at $7.99 a pop, Nintendo added the original Donkey Kong as well as the previously Japan-only Sky Skipper to the list of already available digital games, with the latter arriving on the eShop this week.

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