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Did Garth Ennis love or hate writing “Hitman 1,000,000?”

Many years ago, a close friend of mine and I had deep literary discussion surrounding a single question… Did Garth Ennis hate writing Hitman 1,000,000? What’s Hitman 1,000,000? It was part of the DC Comics crossover event in 1998 titled DC One Million, in which all of the DC heroes interacted with their superhero counterparts from the 853rd Century. Certainly

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Comic store owner “Perch” reflects on the industry’s February sales numbers

A lot of folks like to make hay out of comic book sales numbers every time new information is released. One of the more objective & insightful voices commenting on the comic book industry is Perch, an anonymous comic book shop owner who has appeared on several social media channels including the Larry King and Alterna Comics YouTube channels. Below

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Yet another study confirms that video games don’t lead to real-world violence

A University of Oxford study published earlier this year confirms – yet again – that playing violent video games does not lead to real-world violence.Published in The Royal Society, the study is described by Oxford University as “one of the most definitive to date, using a combination of subjective and objective data to measure teen aggression and violence in games.”

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Alterna Comics founder has an interesting comic care tip for collectors

As the founder of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti loves his comic book collection. And as part of his retailer buyback program, he often receives books shipped back to him from comic shops, some of which have some slight folds, creases, or dings. Did you know that you can literary iron out wrinkles in paper using a household iron and board?

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Reflection: “Jawbreakers: Lost Souls”

It seems like those predisposed to hate Jawbreakers take it far more seriously than the creators do. Jawbreakers: Lost Souls was never intended, nor was it advertised as a deep social commentary. It was always pitched as a politics-free, action adventure graphic novel, and that’s exactly what Lost Souls delivers. Lost Souls quite literally “hits the ground running,” as the

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Reflection: “Splatterhouse 2” (SEGA Genesis)

Of all the games I’ve owned, sold, repurchased, etc., over the years, I’ve never sold any of my original Splatterhouse games. Why? Because braining demons with blunt objects and watching their unholy essence spray from their freshly-cracked skulls is good ol’ family fun. Wholesome shit, am I right? My personal experience with the Splatterhouse series went like this: Splatterhouse (TG-16 version), Splatterhouse 3, and finally Splatterhouse

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