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Review: “Heroineburgh” web series & comic book – plus swag giveaway!

For the last two years, a collective of comic book enthusiasts from Pittsburgh has undetarken one of the the most ambitious independent superhero projects I’ve ever seen: Heroineburgh. Combining the talents of dozens of actresses and other creators, Heroineburgh started as a web series featuring the exploits of a large cast of superpowered characters. The project has expanded to a

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Manga – Reminiscing For the Oldies

As January rolled in, my thought and reflection took me back into the past- reminiscing of all the oldies but goodies in everything… from movies to music, to classic books, and of course, manga. I was craving to rediscover the past by reading some of these oldies, so I grabbed my Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austin, and Mighty Atom (a.k.a. Astro

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“Cyborg USA” Brings Classic Team Books into the 21st Century (opinion)

Transhumanism meets a terrorist death cult called Yuri & The Red Skirts in the Cyborg USA comic by Rob Cacy and friends. Transhumanists dream of transcending the natural limitations of our species through physically invasive technological innovation. Yes, it’s real. But what kind of person is Cyborg USA writer Rob Cacy? He’s the kind who sends a Cyborg USA Christmas

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The Simple Goodness of “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and a Ten-Year-Old’s Imagination

Picture November 1978 as Thanksgiving approaches. A little “science fiction western” released last May has enthralled the hearts of generations young and old. Grandparents snicker at this “new thing” reinvigorating the movie industry just being entertainment from their childhood. Parents enjoy the lack of nudity, “f-bombs,” and politically-driven lectures that infect most cinema. Dads look forward to buying cool Star Wars

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Review: Christmas NiGHTS (SEGA Saturn, Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome back to The Splintering’s Jolly Jinglings holiday event! Today we’re going to celebrate by taking a look at possibly the Christmasiest of all Christmas games! It’s difficult to believe that the classic playground war of “Nintendo vs. SEGA” was officially decided nearly 2 decades ago!  I mean, seriously!  2020 is RIGHT around the corner!  Making me feel old over

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