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Talking “Adventures of Kim Il Sung” with CФMMIЭ МдЯK (Commie Mark Interview)

In February, writer CФMMIЭ МдЯK (aka Commie Mark) launched an Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea. Using actual historical photographs to tell the story, Adventures of Kim Il Sung is a graphic novel set in an alternate history where North Korea single-handedly wins the Second World War. The Splintering was fortunate enough to ask CФMMIЭ МдЯK

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Star Wars’ Rey Isn’t a Wahman, She’s a Genetic Aberration (aka a Mistake)

The most recent retcon by Lucasfilm (LFL) elaborates on The Rise of Skywalker‘s Palpatine being an ill-formed clone. So, to follow their reasoning, our hero physically interdicts against her father who’s also her grandfather who’s developmentally disabled? Maybe he was drinking, too… At the minimum, he’s got to be in danger of the opioid crisis. Genetic deformity’s got to hurt,

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