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Clint Stoker’s sci-fi graphic novel “Downcast” launches 2 April on Indiegogo

YouTube personality Clint Stoker (aka Sweetcast) is making the jump to comic book crowdfunding with Downcast, an all-new graphic novel written by Stoker and illustrated by Ignacio Lazaro and lettered by Eric Weathers. Here’s a plot summary of the book. “When a piece of the sun falls into the hands of underclass siblings, they abuse its power to bring the

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Todd Mulrooney and John Dillard tease new horror anthology “Tales from Beyond the Gate”

Earlier this week, comic artist Todd Mulrooney showed off a single page from his upcoming collaboration with Mike Baron for horror anthology Tales from Beyond the Gate (below). ti Clearly part of Mulrooney’s story takes place in modern day, and a note iyat the top of the teaser page reads “Count Rorshok is risen from the grave”, suggesting the involvement

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