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Splatto Comics launches “Iron Sights” one-shot on Indiegogo… and it’s already 100% funded

Coming hot on the heels of their last crowdfunded success, Splatto Comics announced Sunday that their next project, Iron Sights, is now available to support on Indiegogo. Written by Richard C. Meyer and Carlos Ivan Silva with art by Ibai Canales, Iron Sights is the story of an Iraq War veteran nicknamed “Ramadi” who inadvertently starts a border war when

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Splatto Comics announces Jawbreakers spin-off “Devil Dog” penned by Chuck Dixon

Tuesday, Splatto Comics founder Richard Meyer announced via social media that long-time comic industry veteran Chuck Dixon has agreed to write a spinoff title in Splatto’s Jawbreakers universe based on the armored hero, Devil Dog. Splatto still has a couple of projects in the works, including Iron Sights and the record-breaking Jawbreakers: Lost Souls trade paperback, both directly financed via

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Ethan Van Sciver launches Indiegogo campaign for new “Cyberfrog” comic, fully funded in 20 minutes

On Wednesday, comic book artist and YouTubeStar Wars commentator Ethan Van Sciver launched the long-awaited crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrog: Blood Honey on Indiegogo. Originally seeking 8 thousand dollars to fully fund the project, that benchmark was reached roughly 20 minutes after the campaign went live. Van Sciver (Scriver?) created and published Cyberfrog comics from 1993 to 1998, but abandoned the

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