Political advocacy website “Polygon” shutting down in May

On Wednesday, Vox Media announced that their subsidiary website Polygon will be shutting down, effective 1 May. Polygon is known for unapologetically using gaming as a means to push an extremist, Bay Area political ideology, sometimes to the point of self-parody.

Polygon editor Christopher Plante issued the following statement on the website’s closure:

“Since 2012, Polygon’s editorial strategy has been ‘to focus on the human side of development.’ I’m really proud of all the great advocacy work our staff has done in the past few years promoting social justice and progressive political causes. While we may be shuttering our doors, I know that members of our writing staff have a bright future promoting social justice at other publications, including both at our parent site Vox and others, such as BuzzFeed and Marxists.org (though I’ll let our individual staff members make more detailed announcements over the coming weeks). All of us here at Polygon would like to thank our readers for their dedication, and don’t forget: if you’re not sure, it’s probably rape.”

It’s interesting to note that Plante’s comments don’t even once mention video games, developers or publishers, but loyal Polygon readers know that’s pretty much par for the course. You can check out Vox Media’s full announcement here.

While we at The Splintering are not prepared to offer positions to any out-of-work Polygon staff, we wish them all the best in their new positions at Marxists.org, or whatever.

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