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No, Saudi Arabia didn’t ban 47 games in a single day, and that’s just the start of the false reporting

I like to give Australians a bit of crap over how miserably their government approaches mature-themed video games, but truth be told, Australia has nothing on the over-the-top nonsense that comes out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This week, several Western news outlets reported that the Saudi Arabian government had added 47 games to the list of those banned

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Nintendo finally releasing more classic arcade games on Switch; 5 Arcade Archives titles that we want to see

At E3 2018, Nintendo announced their plans to release more classic arcade titles on the Switch eShop as part of its “Arcade Archives” program. Priced at $7.99 a pop, Nintendo added the original Donkey Kong as well as the previously Japan-only Sky Skipper to the list of already available digital games, with the latter arriving on the eShop this week.

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E3 Wrap-Up: Devolver Digital’s press conference is a breath of fresh air

The first rule of marketing is focus on your audience. Know your buyer, and direct your marketing towards those you expect will buy your product. Simple, right? So why did only one presentation at E3 2018 seem to take this creed to heart? Nearly every presentation and press conference at E3 2018 was bogged down by focus tested language and

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Rumor – New Superman game from Rocksteady to appear at E3; 5 things we want to see

The word on the street is that Rocksteady, the developers behind the Batman: Arkham series, will show off a new Superman game at E3 to be followed by a cover story in next month’s issue of Game Informer. While this isn’t the first time a similar rumor has circulated, Rocksteady is certainly due a new game in the near future

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Valve treats customers as adults; won’t police content on Steam

Valve doesn’t want to be your mom. The PC game distributor announced today that they will not remove games or software from their Steam platform unless the product in question is either flatly illegal or “trolling” users. This decision follows a series of controversies regarding whether to allow risqué Japanese titles or games that mimicked school shootings on Steam. While

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Is DC in panic mode over Bendis’ take on the Man of Steel?

DC clearly had big hopes when they poached long-time Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis to helm their Superman books starting with the six-issue Man of Steel mini-series in May. However, sources at DC Comics indicate that the orders from comic book stores for Bendis’ Man of Steel series have been far lower than they expected. DC went as far to

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