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The haunting beauty of Xia Da’s “Fairytale of Winter” (Jolly Jinglings Special)

Fairy Tale Of Winter by Chinese artist Xia Da is about a snow princess that is brought to life by the power of magical fairies and can only stay alive with the love of a human. But, will something stand in the way of her accomplishing that goal?   A young boy plays in the first snowfall with his animal

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Review: “Superman Peace on Earth” (DC Comics, Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome back to the Jolly Jinglings holiday event here at The Splintering! As part of our celebration of the Christmas season, we’re focusing on a host of festive content to get you in the holiday mood. Today, we’re reviewing Superman: Peace on Earth, a 64-page graphic novel published by DC Comics in 1998. Written by Paul Dini (of Batman the

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From “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” – The Rise of J. J. Abrams (opinion)

On the 20th of December, people will take a break from the holidays to watch The Rise of Skywalker. The timing of the movie virtually assures Disney of a hit regardless of fan support. Fans are concerned the success of the movie will lead to more DISNEY Star Wars versus stories that respect the previous lore. It’s a well-founded fear.

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Doppelgängers causing chaos in all worlds – especially in manga

Doppelgängers have been around for decades – often thought of as the evil double or the evil twin. Scientists say that the doppelgänger phenomenon is becoming more noticeable, that we all have at least one person out there in the world that looks like us. Some have two or three. There are plenty of stories where doppelgängers have messed with

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Unboxing Billy Tucci’s action/horror graphic novel “Zombie Sama”

I recently received my copy of Zombie Sama, the new action/horror graphic novel written by Billy Tucci and featuring Illustrations by John Broglia (God Complex) and colors by Paul Little. I thought I could unbox it and give you all a sense of what was included and the condition in which it arrived. I backed the lowest tier on the

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Review: “RoboCop Versus The Terminator (SEGA Genesis)

With the release of another Terminator sequel, reboot, reimagining, whatever. 90’s gaming was the historical epicenter of the battle surrounding violence in video games, complete with U.S. Senate hearings, parents forbidding their children from visiting arcades for fear that they may catch a glimpse of a “fatality,” and so on. Yet even amongst all of that controversy, SEGA’s own Videogame

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