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Maybe us old codgers should calm down about “Duck Hunt” and try reading a book

Comedian Seth Rogen lit a small Internet fire this week when he took to Twitter and “revealed” a relatively unknown feature of Duck Hunt on the original NES. The world was stunned to learn that the onscreen ducks could actually be controlled by a second player. This revelation came as a shock to many, as I couldn’t even count how

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Reflection: Archie Vs. Predator

When choosing what my first comic book reflection should be, there really wasn’t any other choice other than this, Archie Vs. Predator. This 4-issue series is particularly special because it’s clearly the spiritual successor to my own book from 1995, Brady Bunch vs Predator. Brady Bunch vs. Predator is already a world-renowned classic, having been read and celebrated by tens

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25 years after Mortal Monday – the home versions of “Mortal Kombat” celebrate silver anniversary

While the arcade version of Mortal Kombat celebrated its silver anniversary last year, today marks the 25th anniversary of Mortal Kombat‘s release on home consoles. The one-on-one martial arts fighting phenomenon Mortal Kombat landed in stores on September 13, 1993, for the SEGA Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Game Gear. Publisher Acclaim spent millions to market their port of

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Face-Off: Is the SEGA Dreamcast still worth collecting?

While the release of Shenmue I & II is certainly cause for celebration among SEGA fans, its release begs a question of critical, global importance: Is the SEGA Dreamcast still worth collecting for? To address this confounding issue, two top minds from Internet blogging sites have agreed to debate the finer points of the conundrum, and what better time than

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No, Saudi Arabia didn’t ban 47 games in a single day, and that’s just the start of the false reporting

I like to give Australians a bit of crap over how miserably their government approaches mature-themed video games, but truth be told, Australia has nothing on the over-the-top nonsense that comes out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This week, several Western news outlets reported that the Saudi Arabian government had added 47 games to the list of those banned

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