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Sony, Microsoft, Google, Ubisoft and others collectively agree to infuse environmentalist messaging into their video games (opinion)

At the UN Climate Action Summit this week, the GRID-Arendal center special interest group published a press release stating that several video game developers and publishers including Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Google, Rovio, Supercell and WildWorks had committed to a climate change awareness initiative known as the “Playing for the Planet Alliance”. Among the commitments listed in the pledge are improvements

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Review: “The Adventures of Batman and Robin” (SEGA CD, Batman Day special)

Today is apparently Batman Day, though the date of 21 September isn’t particularly significant in Batman history. DC Comics has arbitrarily selected dates for “Batman Day” for the past few years, but it’s not tied to any release, anniversary, or milestone. But we don’t need an excuse to celebrate the Dark Knight, right? So in an effort to boost website

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Review: “Rambo III” (SEGA Genesis)

In the 80s, tough, badass action heroes were all the rage, and no other onscreen action hero was bigger and badder than Rambo. With the release of Rambo: Last Blood in cinemas this weekend, the character has appeared in five separate movies, several of which spawned video game adaptations. Rambo III was released for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive shortly after

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Review: “Rambo – First Blood Part II” (SEGA Master System)

In 1986, the 8-bit era was in its infancy. Nintendo had a few months to show the world that video games were not dead (Thanks, Atari!), and SEGA had just entered into the North American market hoping to capitalize on some of Nintendo’s success. One of the earliest games for the Master System was a license of one of the

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Face-Off: Is the Dreamcast still worth collecting? (SEGA Dreamcast Anniversary Week Special)

While the release of Shenmue I & II last year was certainly cause for celebration among SEGA fans, its release begs a question of critical, global importance: Is the SEGA Dreamcast still worth collecting for? To address this confounding issue, two top minds from Internet blogging sites have agreed to debate the finer points of the conundrum, and what better

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Review: “Playing at the Next Level” (SEGA Dreamcast Anniversary Special)

Welcome back to SEGA Dreamcast 20th Anniversary Week at The Splintering! Today we’re reviewing Playing at the Next Level in which author Ken Horowitz details the history of SEGA of America with an emphasis on SEGA’s U.S. development teams and some of their more notable games.* Starting with the ill-fated Master System and continuing all the way until SEGA’s swan

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