Remembering Steve Ditko on His Birthday, November 2

We have another birthday tribute today, and this one will be a lot of fun! Today would have been Steve Ditko’s birthday, and in honor of that we’ll be looking some of our favorite comic book covers that he illustrated. From his work at Charlton to Marvel to DC and more, this retrospective will cover five decades of his work.

The Thing #12 (02/1954)
Strange Suspense Stories #40 (02/1959)

Stephen John Ditko, known professionally as Steve, was born in Johnstown, PA on November 2, 1927. He died in his New York apartment on June 29, 2018 and the age of 90. In those 90 years, Ditko created some of the most well-known characters in comic books, and left behind a treasure trove of art we get to enjoy to this day!

Journey Into Mystery #58 (05/1960)
Amazing Spider-Man #2 (05/1963)
Strange Tales #146 (07/1966)

Ditko created or co-created an incredible number of characters. He co-created Spider-man with Stan Lee at Marvel comics, where also created Doctor Strange. At Charlton and DC, he created The Question, Hawk & Dove, and the Creeper, all of whom are still used by DC to this day, be it in their comic books or animation. Hawk & Dove even appeared in live action form on the Titans series. 

Hawk and Dove #2 (11/1968)
Shade the Changing Man #1 (07/1977)
Micronauts Annual #1 (12/1979)

Although Steve Ditko is no longer with us, he leaves behind a tremendous body of work for people to appreciate. There are so many works we didn’t picture, as it’s tough to cram in 70 years of output into 10 images. Most notably would be his time at Warren Publishing working on anthology stories for the horror magazine Creepy.

Speedball #1 (09/1988)
Magnus Robot Fighter #18 (11/1992)

What were some other works by Ditko that you enjoyed that we didn’t cover here today? Leave your answers in the comments below. 

“I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing.” – Vincent Van Gogh

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