The Splintering Store is the ONLY way to financially support our website!

The Splintering is a fully independent website 100% free of paid advertisements. While we are happy to provide as much entertainment news and views as we can free of charge, the reality is that there are still overhead and hosting costs that we have to deal with on a continual basis.

Rather than damage our integrity with sponsored posts or burden our site’s performance with ad software, we’ve instead decided to open a Teespring store, which you can access here. The store features shirts, stickers hoodies, and we are frequently updating it with new designs.

The money raised will help us keep things afloat on our end, and we could expand or update our site in the future if things go particularly well. Not only that, but you’ll have a physical item to show for your support, not just our thanks and a virtual pat on the back!

So if you like what we do, be sure to visit The Splintering’s Teespring store here, and as always, thanks for reading!

Blake Worrell
Founder – The Splintering

The Splintering’s Teespring store has items starting at just $4.99! If you like what we do & want to help keep our site 100% free of paid ads, go here!