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Communist Vietnam bans “Abominable” film over South China Sea map; promises to be “more vigorous in censorship”

The communist government of Vietnam has pulled the family-friendly animated movie “Abominable” from theaters nationwide. Why? The movie has a scene which shows a map that the government doesn’t like. What’s the big deal? The map as shown includes a feature which has come to be known as the “nine-dash-line,” which demarcates the territorial claims of China in the resource-rich

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Explaining the critic/audience score divide for “Rambo: Last Blood”

This past weekend, moviegoers nationwide defied the consensus recommendation of film critics by seeing Rambo: Last Blood in theaters, and wouldn’t you know it? A large majority of the audience enjoyed the film, with the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes landing at an average of 86% positive reviews while critics (Rotten Tomatoes-approved critics) slammed Last Blood with a scathing 27%

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Could Conan the Barbarian join the MCU?

Marvel reacquired the Conan comic book license earlier this year, and since then, the Conan comics have been a fairly successful sales story, by modern standards, anyway. Marvel must be happy with the performance of the Conan property, because earlier in September, the publisher acquired the comic book rights to two other Robert E. Howard characters: Dark Agnes and Solomon

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Film adaptation of psychological horror comic “The Chair” returns to theaters

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Alterna Comics announced that the film adaptation of Peter Simeti’s psychological horror book The Chair is being re-released at select theaters thanks to Terror Films and BingeWave Cinema. The Chair follows the story of Richard Sullivan, a man on death row, struggling to escape his grisly fate. Pitted against a sadistic Warden and

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Disney censors “Toy Story 2” twenty years later after nobody asked for it

Disney recently re-released the first three Toy Story movies in conjunction with the theatrical release of Toy Story 4, but the company has decided that one of the jokes from Toy Story 2 was no longer acceptable and that it needed to be censored out. The removed scene is part of the end credit “blooper reel”, and features the film’s

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Who should play Samus in a Metroid film?

For some reason, the topic of a Metroid film keeps resurfacing, and with it, speculation as to which actress is best suited to portray intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran from Nintendo’s Metroid series. Perhaps such nonsense is expected when fans are asked to wait so long between game releases- they begin to ask for ever-more ridiculous things to satisfy their

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