Jezebel Laments the Lack of Chun Li in “Mortal Kombat” Film… Yes, Really

You can’t make this stuff up.

On Thursday, Jezebel posted an opinion piece focused on the upcoming Mortal Kombat film. The odd part is that the author’s primary point was to lament the fact that Chun Li was absent from the film’s latest trailer.

*Record Scratch!*

Yes. The self-described “astute film critic” wrote an entire piece around the idea that Chun Li, a Street Fighter character, was not sadly appearing in a Mortal Kombat film.

Jezebel was quickly alerted to their error, and added the following correction on the post:

Update, 4:39 p.m.: Jezebel has discovered the answer to our question about Chun Li’s erasure, and it is that Chun Li is not part of the Mortal Kombat megaverse. Wow!

Jezebel wants to see more of this in an R-rated film. Hard to disagree!

Maybe the author thought all Asian people look the same and really meant to say Liu Kang? We may never know.

In any case, it’s funny, so let’s all get in a snarky, good-natured giggle. For what it’s worth, props to Jezebel for publicly taking the “L” by posting a correction rather than deleting the post entirely.

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