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Star Wars’ Rey Isn’t a Wahman, She’s a Genetic Aberration (aka a Mistake)

The most recent retcon by Lucasfilm (LFL) elaborates on The Rise of Skywalker‘s Palpatine being an ill-formed clone. So, to follow their reasoning, our hero physically interdicts against her father who’s also her grandfather who’s developmentally disabled? Maybe he was drinking, too… At the minimum, he’s got to be in danger of the opioid crisis. Genetic deformity’s got to hurt,

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“Borderlands 2” update pushes ads for Borderlands 3, breaks the game; Gearbox CEO responds (humor)

On 27 February, the Steam PC editions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel received a software update which introduced a “SHiFT” profile name, which would replace the user’s Steam name in-game for the purposes of cross-play. The SHiFT name must be unique, and all players must create a new SHiFT profile to continue playing both Borderlands titles, whether they

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Unboxing Richard C. Meyer’s “Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG” graphic novel

I recently received my copy of Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG, the action/superhero graphic novel written by Richard C. Meyer (Iron Sights), co-written by Chuck Dixon (Batman) and illustrated by Aaron Alfeche. I backed the tier with an unsigned copy of the Jawbreakers book and featuring variant cover art by Kyle Ritter (Starblades). I thought I’d unbox it to give you a sense

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