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Headshot Horror Publishing launches “Pistolera” crowdfunding campaign

On Friday, Headshot Horror Publishing launched a crowdfunding campaign for Pistolera, an all-new 32-page one-shot comic set in the 1800s. Written by Gilbert Deltrez (Lair) and featuring illustrations by Mateo Martinez (Jetpack Activate) and colors by J.L. Giles (Herbert West Reanimator), Pistolera is described as “a blood-soaked tale of scorn and vengeance.” Here’s a plot summary of Pistolera taken from

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SEGA abruptly removes “Judgment” from Japanese shelves, digital marketplaces

SEGA has removed Judge Eyes from all storefronts, both physical and the online PlayStation Store, following voice actor Pierre Taki’s arrest on cocaine charges. Japanese culture is much less tolerant of drug use than even western cultures are, and it is not unusual for entertainment products to be pulled following similar allegations. It’s not known how this will affect western

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Graham Nolan’s “Return to Monster Island” graphic novel now funding on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, renowned comic creator Graham Nolan launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new comic mini-series Return to Monster Island, a 96-page, 20-years-later follow-up to Nolan’s Monster Island. Nolan himself has a long history in comics, most famous for his work with writer Chuck Dixon on Batman, he is also known for his work on The Phantom and 2001’s

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Richard C. Meyer’s “Jawbreakers: Lost Souls” to receive second printing in April

On a recent livestream on the Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel, Splatto Comics founder and Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Mayer confirmed that the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls graphic novel would indeed receive a second printing. Following the very successful crowdfunding campaign for Lost Souls last year, this new print run would also be crowdfunded via Indiegogo. In addition, Meyer indicated

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Ethan Van Sciver’s “Cyberfrog” is back on Indiegogo, fully funded in 20 minutes

Ethan Van Sciver must really be feeling the pain of those New Jersey state taxes, because the wildly successful graphic novel Cyberfrog: Blood Honey is back on Indiegogo. Or, as Van Sciver tells it, Blood Honey is now nearly finished, and he wanted to give everyone one last chance to purchase a copy of the book before it goes to

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