Jon Del Arroz’s “Flying Sparks” Concludes with “Ultra Light Beams”

The interdimensional lizard people are upon us!

On Tuesday, independent author and “the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction” Jon Del Arroz launched a crowdfunding campaign for Flying Sparks: Ultra Light Beams, a 72-page graphic novel.

The project is already fully funded, having raised more than $6 thousand at the time of this writing.

Written by Del Arroz and featuring illustrations by Jethro Morales and Elias Martin, Ultra Light Beams is the fifth volume in the Flying Sparks superhero adventure series.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Flying Sparks: Ultra Light Beams Kickstarter campaign page:


Meta-Girl and Johnny have had ups and downs in their relationship. It’s been a real roller coaster as both of them are hiding secret lives from each other. Meta-Girl poses as a college student, while Johnny, a mob boss, hides his identity through a coffee shop front business.

Both distrust each other and have started to snoop on each others’ lives.

Meanwhile, a corporate menace has identified Meta-Girl as a threat to their secret plans to create a super-powered army–and they want her dead.

Backers can get a digital version of Ultra Light Beams for $12, while physical copies start at $25. If you have more cash to spend, you can also pick up the following tchotchkes and extras:

  • Multiple copies of the book
  • Variant covers
  • A hardcover edition
  • T-shirt
  • Poster
  • Earlier volumes of Flying Sparks if you want to catch up
  • Other books and comics by Jon Del Arroz

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $10 for those in the United States.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Flying Sparks: Ultra Light Beams Kickstarter campaign page here.

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