Drecom’s “Tokyo Stories” Coming Later this Year to PC, Consoles

Japan-based developer Drecom recently announced that their upcoming adventure game Tokyo Stories (working title) will be exhibited at the 2023 Taipei Game Show, which will be held from 2 to 5 February in the great nation of Taiwan.

Wrapped in a mishmash of 3D and pixel art visual aesthetics, this generically named adventure puts players in the midst of a missing persons mystery set in the typically lively city of Tokyo.

Here’s the official breakdown of Tokyo Stories from Drecom, followed by the latest trailer:

This is a 3D adventure game featuring “a visual expression that combines pixel art and 3D” with the slogan “The story of a girl continues on in the city where she went missing.”

The main character wanders around in a disappearing Tokyo to search for her best friend who has somehow disappeared.

The game is created by the renowned creators of rain/Lost in the rain (PS3). The music is produced by the up-and-coming composer “newly” and expresses an unprecedented view of the world.

The Story

A series of overlapping stories set in the “empty Tokyo”.

Why has the best friend disappeared from the protagonist’s life?

What is this city trying to tell us?

The story they weave slowly begins to bare its fangs at them,

and soon everything takes an unexpected turn…

The Characters

•A girl

A girl who has come to this town to bring back a friend who has suddenly disappeared.

She wanders around the town feeling uneasy.

•A young man

A young man comes to this town to hide a secret he can’t tell anyone.

A girl’s friend seems to have found out his secret.

•The Other Girl

The girl who disappeared in this town without telling anyone her purpose.

Tokyo Stories is currently planned for a 2023 release for PC and consoles, though specific platforms have yet to be announced.

Seriously though, it does need a new name. I suggest Vanished: A Tokyo Story. That’s free. Please use it

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