Retro Arcade Rarity “Cannon Dancer” Coming to Consoles on 13 April

ININ Games recently announced that Cannon Dancer (known as OSman in the West) is releasing both digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 on 13 April 2023. The Xbox version will receive a digital-only release.

A side-scrolling action game in the vein of Shadow Dancer and Strider, Mitchell Corporation’s Cannon Dancer was certainly a rarity upon its arcade release in 1996. This new re-release features a number of modern tweaks, including a brand-new translation, save states, and several cheats for all the “game journalists” out there.

Here’s the official breakdown of Cannon Dancer from ININ Games:

Almost 30 years after its release on arcade, ININ Games teamed up with two key members of the original development team to finally bring the game to modern home consoles: the game designer Kouichi Yotsui (also known as “Isuke” and famous for his work on “Strider”) and the artist Utata Kiyoshi.

ININ’s development team worked on bringing you the best iteration you’ve ever seen, adding features and enhancements that weren’t available in the original Arcade game.

This new, faithfully ported version of Cannon Dancer can be played with in-game English language, or the original Japanese, with both being playable in standard & challenge mode.

Of the many subtle enhancements, the main ones are:

  • Save States
  • Rewind Feature
  • Controller Vibration
  • Customizable Controls
  • Graphic Filters & Shaders
  • Double Jump
  • Invincible Jump
  • Invincible Slide
  • Invincible Attack
  • Auto Attack [Speed 1 – 5]
  • Extra Credits

If you’re a physical game aficionado, physical copies Strictly Limited Games offers a regular Limited Edition (physical copy + game manual) and a Collector’s Edition with several exclusive tchotchkes and extras.

To find out more about Cannon Dancer or to preorder your collector’s edition, visit the Strictly Limited Games store here.

Joe Musashi did it first. Actually, the Ninja Turtles did it first…

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