Counterculture Sci-Fi Magazine “ANVIL” Fully Funded on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Iron Age=Hammer Time?

IronAge Media recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine, a sci-fi anthology that features short stories by multiple authors and creators.

The project is already fully funded, having raised more than $8 thousand at the time of this writing, and everything looks to be on track for hitting the July 2023 fulfillment date.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the ANVIL Indiegogo campaign page:

In this age of derivative and propagandistic mainstream media, creators across mediums and genres have begun pushing back. ANVIL celebrates and highlights those artists and authors drawing inspiration from the roots of comics and pulp. Heralding the rediscovery and refocus on quality over ideology which is already underway, and gaining momentum.

ANVIL is the first official step into the world of publishing by IronAge.Media, a site focused on connecting Iron Age creators with new fans. The dedication and growth from the community surrounding this site has allowed me to pull together a fantastic team to bring this magazine to fruition. Daniel P. Riley, of Whimsyland as Editor and Jacob Calta of 365 Infantry as Designer. Together with the fantastic Iron Age authors and artists we’ve collaborated with, the first issue is over a hundred pages of pure talent guaranteed to blow you away.

For this first issue we’ve collected seven fantastic short stories, reviews, a short RPG, and a ten page comic preview of the upcoming western from Razorfist and George Alexopoulos.

Comic & Pulp Teasers

Ghost of the Badlands

“Who is the Ghost? Catch an early glimpse of RazörFist and George Alexopoulos’ upcoming Hellfire and Brimstone Western comic!”

Fleet of Theseus – Daniel J. Snow

Earth is gone – and in the depths of space, a team of scavengers investigates a derelict warship. Inside, they find much more than they bargained for… A sci-fi mystery unravels in the cold emptiness of space.

Codename: Ghost – William Donnelly

In an alternate near-future world run by a transhumanist, totalitarian state, a group of rebels fight for freedom. Mercs Grizzly and Bambi take to the streets of a desolate and bombed-out American sprawl on the trail of a tac-tank urban assault vehicle used to patrol and terrorize the city’s unaugmented populace–aka “rats”–living in squalor in alleyways, tents, and destroyed buildings. Can they stop it, and at what cost?

Brigands of the Moors – M.F.R.

Things are not well within the Drakkenholm Empire. Wicked men of greed and avarice stalk the roads, while more esoteric horrors that go bump in the night do prey upon the good people. Recently, trouble stirs amongst the back roads of the Moorlands. An army of bandits and highwaymen has begun hitting the church’s tithes as a considerable amount of wealth flows from the faithful in these trying times. As such, the elder priests have called upon the ranks of crusading priests known as Lay-Clerics; amongst them, an ancient drake champion and his young human squire, to answer the call to arms and escort a considerable amount of gulders being transported by reinforced carriage…

The Affair of the Unquiet Grave – Owen G. Tabard

Death stalks the stately halls of Ashworth House—a mysterious affliction, spectral apparitions… perhaps even murder. But such is the stock-in-trade for Sir Alastair Fitzaubrey, Regency-era gentleman and occult detective. An acknowledged master of the arcane, he is summoned by the parish constable to investigate the strange happenings at the manor, much to the chagrin of the lord of the house, to say nothing of the local church authorities who take a dim view of his sorcerous practices. Undaunted, Sir Alastair must uncover the truth, but will he be able to find the cause of the unexplained deaths before it is too late? Find out, in The Affair of the Unquiet Grave.

A Thief of Perûn – Joshua M. Gonzalez

Lam’s troubled past catches up with him when he learns an old foe has returned, and the young thief now seeks something more valuable than gold: revenge. Will the streets of Perûn run red with the blood of his enemy or his own?

Archive of Bliss Ep 1 – T.J. Marquis

Gero Von signed on with the Luzcorp Interplanetary Survey Group to follow his dreams. Getting paid was great, sure, but seeing new sights, weird cultures, and experiencing the magic seeded in the hearts of every world was the real prize. Sent to the far-flung planet of Bliss, known by its penchant for intoxication, Gero couldn’t begin to imagine the wonders he’d discover there if he could keep his head clear…

The Chroniclers & the March of Trees – Daniel P. Riley

The Academie Dimensionnae has trained wizards since time began. These intrepid explorers are called Chroniclers. Their solemn duty? To observe and record variations in the multiverse. A sacred position taken very seriously by all. And then there’s these guys…. Eliden the Green, Pasho Pyr, and Grothnar of the Mountain Tribe travel dimensions on madcap adventures, helping those in need in The Chroniclers.

Backers can get a physical copy of the magazine as well as a digital PDF version for $25. If you have more cash to spend, you can pick it up multiple copies of the magazine, art prints, and motivational posters.

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $10 for those in the United States.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the fill ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine Indiegogo campaign page here.

Thanks for reading!

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