Alterna Comics’ Winter Preorder Campaign Now Live

A hazy shade of newsprint

On Wednesday, Alterna Comics launched a pre-order crowdfunding campaign for their Winter lineup of books. This time around, the campaign is being run both on Indiegogo (here) and the Alterna Comics website (here).

Through the campaign pages, you can pick up all six of Alterna’s Winter issues, or simply pick and choose the titles you want. If you’re ordering directly from the Alterna website, you can add previous issues if you want to catch up.

Here’s the full Winter 2023 lineup of available books from the Indiegogo campaign page:

Alterna Comics Single Issues ($1.99 cover price; comics on newsprint):

  • Blood Realm #12 – Captain Fulcher must accept his fate as he comes face to face with the terrifying creature. (48 pages; Black/White/Red; Dark Fantasy; Mature Readers 17+; Writer | Artist | Letterer: Robert Geronimo)
  • Horace H. Hoover #2 of 5 – Digging further into the mystery of The Smoke Man, Horace, Slurp, and Max find themselves confronted with a great ancient evil lying in wait. When Horace goes to his most trusted of places to research, his plans are cut short, only to find himself trapped by the very books he sought. (32 pages; Full Color; Supernatural Mystery; Ages 12+; Writer | Artist | Letterer: Fabrizio Aiello)
  • Unit 44 #7 – Incompetent Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch arrive in Point Pleasant, West Virginia to investigate a sighting of the famed Mothman. But while Agent Hatch is quick to brush off the case as a hoax, a close encounter with the cryptid changes his tune, forcing the pair to solve the mystery once and for all. This issue features a special guest artist: Landon Franklin! (32 pages; Full Color; Sci-Fi Humor; Ages 12+; Writer & Letterer: Wes Locher | Interior Artist: Landon Franklin | Colorist: Andrew Pate | Cover Artist: Ed Jimenez)
  • Wulf & Batsy #7 – “The Gorilla Suit Maniac” While attending a monster movie double-feature, Wulf and Batsy meet a failed actor who once specialized in playing Gorillas in old movies. As a man, he was a prisoner of cruel reality, but in a gorilla suit, he was free to live his dream. Ultimately, rejection from Hollywood and the audience he wished to entertain filled him with beastly rage and turned him into… the Gorilla Suit Maniac! This is the first full issue published by Alterna that features a never-before-published Wulf and Batsy story! (32 pages; Black & White; Horror Adventure; Mature Readers 17+; Writer | Artist | Letterer: Bryan Baugh; Blank Cover Variant also available separately for $3 and in the Winter bundle)

Oversized Special Editions ($6.99):

  • It Came Out on a Wednesday #20 – This monster-sized milestone issue is packed the brim! Featuring multiple short stories, a 20 page cover gallery, and 28 pages of previously unpublished and unedited Mr. Crypt shorts alongside over 15 pages of previously published and edited versions. (80 pages(!); Full Color and BW; Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi; Ages 12+; Various Writers and Artists; Cover Artist: Frankie B. Washington)

In addition to the comics, there are several Alterna items available as perks or add-ons, including a print set, a Unit 44 t-shirt, an Alterna hockey jersey, sketch cards, and as we mentioned above, plenty of back issues if you order direct from Alterna. All physical backers will also receive two new “Alterna Series” trading cards, this time featuring Wulf & Batsy.

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for backers in the United States. 

Interested? You can check out a sample cover gallery below, or visit the full Alterna Winter 2023 Pre-order Indiegogo campaign page here, or directly from the Alterna Comics website here.

The full winter lineup

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