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Star Wars’ Rey Isn’t a Wahman, She’s a Genetic Aberration (aka a Mistake)

The most recent retcon by Lucasfilm (LFL) elaborates on The Rise of Skywalker‘s Palpatine being an ill-formed clone. So, to follow their reasoning, our hero physically interdicts against her father who’s also her grandfather who’s developmentally disabled? Maybe he was drinking, too… At the minimum, he’s got to be in danger of the opioid crisis. Genetic deformity’s got to hurt,

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“Cyborg USA” Brings Classic Team Books into the 21st Century (opinion)

Transhumanism meets a terrorist death cult called Yuri & The Red Skirts in the Cyborg USA comic by Rob Cacy and friends. Transhumanists dream of transcending the natural limitations of our species through physically invasive technological innovation. Yes, it’s real. But what kind of person is Cyborg USA writer Rob Cacy? He’s the kind who sends a Cyborg USA Christmas

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