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How to enjoy holiday splendor and goodness at a theater near you (Jolly Jinglings Special)

Merry Christmas to all!   That just can not be said enough.  The Christmas season makes more indelible memories (good and bad) than any other family get together. As a member of two large families finding activities is always very important to the patriarchs and the matriarchs. Many times a trip to the theater makes the top of the list. Unfortunately, the Christmas

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From “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” – The Rise of J. J. Abrams (opinion)

On the 20th of December, people will take a break from the holidays to watch The Rise of Skywalker. The timing of the movie virtually assures Disney of a hit regardless of fan support. Fans are concerned the success of the movie will lead to more DISNEY Star Wars versus stories that respect the previous lore. It’s a well-founded fear.

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