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Review-ish: Sean Ahrendt’s “Type one” (Imaginary Tales Entertainment)

Type One by Sean Ahrendt was not a typical crowdfunded campaign that used one of the usual online platforms. Instead, it was the modern-day version of grabbing a deal from the trunk of an ’86 Oldsmobile. To score the deal, you needed to message one of Ahrendt’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). For $20 shipped (prices increased after the initial shipping fee) you would receive a signed Type One preview book with

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Crowdfunding Review: “499” (Richard C. Meyer, Per “Narwhal” Berg)

Successfully crowdfunded earlier in 2021, 499 is a collaboration between Richard C Meyer and Per Berg (Narwhal), the coupling of the two affectionately known as “Narzack”. The sci-fi concept is from the mind of Meyer, while the art is done in Narwhal’s unique, cartoony style. The bones and flow of the story were shaped over conversations via email between the two. Between

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Crowdfunding Review: “Maverix: Decimation” (NTM Comics)

I am making my debut venture into comic book reviews with Maverix: Decimation. I am new to crowdfunding comics and comics in general, but have enthusiastically jumped in and backed 30 campaigns to date. Maverix: Decimation is the first comic book that I have received from any of the campaigns that I have backed in the last 6 months. Coincidentally, this

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