Review-ish: Sean Ahrendt’s “Type one” (Imaginary Tales Entertainment)

Type One by Sean Ahrendt was not a typical crowdfunded campaign that used one of the usual online platforms. Instead, it was the modern-day version of grabbing a deal from the trunk of an ’86 Oldsmobile. To score the deal, you needed to message one of Ahrendt’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). For $20 shipped (prices increased after the initial shipping fee) you would receive a signed Type One preview book with a sketch of the main character, Streeze, and a trading card.

Type One was written and drawn by Ahrendt and follows the adventures of Streeze, a diabetic superhero, who is battling both bad guys and his own insulin levels. He does this with the help of Arm, his special armored ‘suit’. The 20-page black and white book comes saddle-stitched with a holographic cover colored by Shelby Robertson (Ninety-Four: Ragetality’s War). There is a blue accent color that highlights sound effects and surrounds the word balloons for the voice of Arm. The last five pages of the book are color pinups, mostly of the main character and one of a character that is only referenced in the story. 

Streeze’s introduction in Type One is a quality story, but leaves you with some questions that I hope will be flushed out further in future books (i.e. the origin of Arm). It is a good example of a hero who isn’t perfect but works to maintain his peak performance, all to right wrongs and protect the innocent. While this book was only a preview, the line art would be well complemented with some color to make the contrast between shine and shadows really stand out. 

The Type One preview book was a fun foray into the adventures of Type One. It sets up the potential of what could come. While a full-sized book is planned to be crowdfunded on Indiegogo in March of 2022, at the time of writing, there are still a couple of preview books available if you ‘slide’ into Sean Ahrendt’s DMs (social media private messages). There will not be a reprint of the preview book, so the numbers are limited. I am glad that I reserved my copy of Type One when I did, and I do look forward to what Ahrendt presents us with his maiden Indiegogo campaign. 

Thanks for reading!

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