Quick Review: “Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing” (TaleEnd Studio)

On October 1st, the Indiegogo campaign for Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing will close, and the sign-up page for book 2 – Cobalt : Death Stalks Us will launch. This will be creator/writer Jake Adam’s second crowdfunded comic book campaign as his character and story were also part of a Kickstarter campaign for Super-Abled Comics.

When I first saw Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing I was drawn in by the art. Artist Erwin J. Arroza’s interiors were unique and different than anything I’ve seen, but I held off on backing it at first. I wasn’t sure that it would be something I would be interested in. Adams was a relatively new creator that I had not heard anything about, and with everything else available with crowdfunding, the book got pushed to the side of my mind. It was only later in the campaign, shortly before Adams was getting ready to send his books off the the printer, that I stumbled across the words “free shipping in the US”, and I thought “why not?”. The book was already cheaper than other books that I had backed at $20, and I got free shipping? Sold.

The campaign has raised just over $5000 so far, which includes some basic stretch goals such as stickers and a patch. The packaging, shipping and the stretch goals were what I would expect from a crowdfunded comic campaign. They all met expectations… but what I didn’t expect was how much I would like the story. Cobalt follows a limb-different guy struggling to take care of himself and his younger brother while feeling obligated to take on the role of being a vigilante at night. He saves damsels in distress, thrashes bad guys, and works to put supper on the table at night. It is a crime drama delight!

I would have thought the story would have taken second page to the unique art style, while it was in fact the opposite. I will still call the art “weird,” in a good way. It took a little getting used to – the often dark, gritty, chalky/water color textures (does this style even have a name?), but overall, there is a haunting beauty behind it.

Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing is great for someone who likes cop or good guy/bad guy TV show dramas, as it has a certain Law & Order vibe. Grab this book now while you still can, as the in-demand store (here) will shut down on October 1st. You may also grab it as part of a “catch up tier” when Cobalt: Death Stalks Us launches (sign-up page also launching October 1st).

Thanks for reading!

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