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Quick Review: “Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing” (TaleEnd Studio)

On October 1st, the Indiegogo campaign for Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing will close, and the sign-up page for book 2 – Cobalt : Death Stalks Us will launch. This will be creator/writer Jake Adam’s second crowdfunded comic book campaign as his character and story were also part of a Kickstarter campaign for Super-Abled Comics. When I first saw Cobalt: Atlanta’s Thrashing

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Jake Adams Thrashes Onto Indiegogo with “Cobalt”

It is becoming increasingly popular for critics to focus on the topic of “accessibility” in entertainment.  I often hear detractors demanding that works of fiction be made more accessible to very specific focus groups while simultaneously disparaging them for failing to appeal to broadly diverse audiences.  I find it quite ironic that the modern media, obsessed with reducing whole casts

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