Steve Inman Parodies “Excitebike” in Recent Comedy Videos

Internet comedian Steve Inman has brought many laughs to what would normally be tragic situation. Whether he is voicing over politics, fist fights, or even violent riots, Inman’s sports announcer-type commentary is a great way to achieve cathartic release from otherwise distressing circumstances.

While Inman’s comedic takes haven’t typically strayed into topics worth covering here on The Splintering, a couple of his latest videos have made good use of a few sounds from Nintendo’s Excitebike game series.

Hey, we do cover retro video games, after all!

So if you’re a retro gaming fan in need of a good laugh at someone else’s expense, absolutely give the videos below a quick watch.

So funny, much laughs…

If you found the above videos amusing, you can check out more of Steve Inman’s work via social media here.

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