Visit Tabletop Bohemia in “Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game”

Following the massive success of their Kingdom Come Deliverance video game, developer Warhorse Studios has partnered with Boardcubator and Prime Matter to create Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game, which is currently crowdfunding via Gamefound.

The project is already well beyond fully funded, having raised more than 230 percent of its initial funding goal, totaling more than $232 thousand at the time of this writing.

KCD the Board Game is a tactical tabletop game for up to four players. The board game will borrow several locations and characters from the video game, but it also promises to tell its own self-contained story more akin to a spinoff than a sequel.

Here’s the official breakdown of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game from the project’s Gamefound page:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game is a cooperative RPG for 1-4 players that transfers you into 15th century Bohemia.

Enjoy an immersive story with lifelike voice acting, an all-encompassing ambience and a “you are what you do” character building system. Choose from 4 different characters, all with different stats and attributes – and level them up. Find, buy and share loot that supports you on your deadly quest gathering critical war intel that will determine the faith of an entire nation!

The game offers different campaigns with various adventures all tracked by an included mobile app that takes care of the gameplay so players can concentrate on their quests.

No magic, no dragons, just good ol’ KCD…. But as a boardgame!

Features include:

  • Focus on historical authenticity and storytelling
  • Sprawling, immersive narrative and a living and breathing world
  • AI-driven NPCs to interact with and a unique combat system when things go south
  • An App-driven “dungeon master“ to keep track. Eyes on the board though!!!
  • Adaptive sound design and fully narrated multilanguage voice acting.
  • 210 items, 108 perks, 50 unique NPCs, 4 playable characters and 1 “invisible” app

Backers can get their own KCD the Board Game set for $130. If you have more cash to spend, you can also receive an additional campaign set titled The Roll of Traitors, as well as the Knights & Serfs of Bohemia Miniature Expansion. Value Added Tax (VAT) is included, where applicable.

Interested? You can check out more information and back the Kingdom Come: Deliverance – the Board Game at the project’s Gamefound campaign page here.

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