Grappling Platformer “Turbo Shell” Coming to Steam PC on 23 May

Let’s kick shell?

Radioactive Dreams has announced that their “grappling precision platformer” Turbo Shell is coming to Steam PC on 23 May.

Built around the unique push and pull mechanics of the “Egg Propulsion System”, Turbo Shell puts players in control of Good Egg Craig (because “Eggman” was taken) who must propel himself through a number of hazardous environments to defeat the adequately named “Evil Egg” (erm… because “Death Egg” was taken?).

Here’s the official breakdown of Turbo Shell from Radioactive Dreams, followed by a recent trailer:

Turbo Shell is a fast-paced precision platformer with a unique movement mechanic: instead of running and jumping, you push and pull yourself through levels with the help of a special tool: the EPS (Egg Propulsion System). The EPS allows you to push yourself off surfaces within range using the blue ray, or pull yourself towards walls and ceilings using the orange ray. The more skilfully you perform this unique mechanic, the faster you’ll conquer ever more challenging levels – and reach your goal in record time.

Using the EPS is easy to learn, but difficult to master. By perfecting your moves, you’ll find even faster and more efficient ways to complete levels. Enjoy the rewarding feeling of skillfully flying through the five worlds and ascend the ranks on the leaderboard.

The universe as we know it is in danger at the hands of the malicious Evil Egg, but, as the good egg Craig, you can save it by collecting targets that are scattered throughout each level. Avoid sizzling laser barriers, flying buzzsaws and hazardous corridors to ensure you don’t get scrambled. Instant respawns and checkpoints will help you stay motivated and reach your goal.

Turbo Shell is scheduled to release on 23 May via Steam PC. You can add the game to your wishlist or try a free demo now.

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