Mega Mail Call! Four Comic Unboxings for the Price of One! (free, that is)

Today we’re unboxing four separate comic books recently received in the mailbox of The Splintering HQ (my house). They are: BeardzzerkerBlack BishopThe Expendables Go to Helland a Graveyard Shift promo book Enough talk! Have at thee with watching! Thanks for watching today. We appreciate all feedback – positive, constructive, or colorful. Thanks for reading! Please consider following The Splintering on

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“BEARDZZERKER” Creator Don Chin Talks Heavy Metal, Keanu, and What He Really Thinks of Millennials! (Interview)

Veteran comic book creator and Parody Press founder Don Chin recently launched his second Indiegogo campaign, this time for BEARDZZERKER, a parody of Boom Studios’ BRZRKR book featuring Keanu Reeves. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to discuss his campaign, which is still available to support here. As always, the answers below are represented as closely to “as written” as possible with

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