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Review: “Cotton Reboot!” (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

In the era between arcade classics like Defender and “bullet hell” shoot-em-ups like Ikaruga, the 2D shooter genre really hit its stride. The greatest titles of the 80s and 90s featured a mishmash of several genres, including sci-fi space shooters (R-Type, Thunder Force), fantasy (Wings of Wor, Lords of Thunder), and even underwater warfare (In the Hunt). However, one of

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“Cotton Reboot!” Official Trailer Released

Game publisher Beep has released the official trailer for Cotton Reboot!, a reimagining of the 2-D shoot-em-up originally released in arcades and later on the TurboGraphx CD and the X68000. For those out of the know, original Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams was the first of a multi-game franchise starring a young witch who flys on her broomstick and blasts monsters

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