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Featured Art Cards 2: Ultra Star, Last of the Seekers & Vyzpzz

Today I’m again indulging in sharing a few recent art cards: Ultra Star, the as-of-yet unnamed protagonist from Patrick Thomas Parnell’s Last of the Seekers and a Vyzpzz from Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog. Give the video below a watch and let me know what you think! To see more Featured Art Cards, go here. Thanks for reading! Please consider following

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Featured Art Cards 1: The Scarlet Heart, Cyberfrog, The Spectre, Chakan, King Cryptid & Rhys Randall

I’ve been really into doing art cards lately, so today I’m showing a few cards that I’m sending off to a few folks: The Scarlet Heart (from Johnny Phantasm), Cyberfrog, The Spectre, Chakan the Forever Man, King Cryptid & Rhys Randall (from the Star Fetched video game). I’ll probably do this again moving forward with other cards, but maybe not

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