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Retro Review: “Splatterhouse 2” (SEGA Genesis, Festival of Dread Special)

Of all the games I’ve owned, sold, repurchased, etc., over the years, I’ve never sold any of my original Splatterhouse games. Why? Because braining demons with blunt objects and watching their unholy essence spray from their freshly-cracked skulls is good ol’ family fun. Wholesome shit, am I right? My personal experience with the Splatterhouse series went like this: Splatterhouse (TG-16 version), Splatterhouse 3, and finally Splatterhouse

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Review: “Splatterhouse 3” – SEGA Genesis (Festival of Dread special)

Review spoiler warning! I friggin’ love Splatterhouse 3. It’s the reason why I love the Splatterhouse series so much, and as far as both violent games and 16-bit brawlers go, it definitely top-tier. That being said, it’s not 100% flawless, and fans of the first two games might not appreciate the changes made to the third installment. Voice: Nobody cares,

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