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Explaining the critic/audience score divide for “Rambo: Last Blood”

This past weekend, moviegoers nationwide defied the consensus recommendation of film critics by seeing Rambo: Last Blood in theaters, and wouldn’t you know it? A large majority of the audience enjoyed the film, with the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes landing at an average of 86% positive reviews while critics (Rotten Tomatoes-approved critics) slammed Last Blood with a scathing 27%

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Review: “Rambo – First Blood Part II” (SEGA Master System)

In 1986, the 8-bit era was in its infancy. Nintendo had a few months to show the world that video games were not dead (Thanks, Atari!), and SEGA had just entered into the North American market hoping to capitalize on some of Nintendo’s success. One of the earliest games for the Master System was a license of one of the

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