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Mail Call! Unboxing Riot Press Productions’ “Johnny Phantasm 1985”

Today, I’m unboxing Riot Press Productions’ Johnny Phantasm 1985 by Evan Pozios and Patrick Thomas Parnell. I backed the most basic tier via Indiegogo in mid-2020, which came packaged with a several extra chotchkies such as a pinup poster, five character cards, a sticker, and three trademark Johnny Phantasm poker chips. You can check out the unboxing video below. I

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“Sit Down Sunday” Comic Book News Livestream – 5 July 2020 edition

On the latest installment of Sit Down Sunday (hosted on Patrick Thomas Parnell’s YouTube channel Riot Press Productions), The Splintering founder Blake Worrell got another chance to discuss recent comic book news with both Parnell and The Shepherd creator Dr. Andrea Molinari. We discussed the latest drama with Diamond Comic Distributors, Mermaids, Parnell’s future plans for Johnny Phantasm, aliens in

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