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Retro Review: “The Adventures of Batman and Robin” (SEGA CD)

This week marks the long-awaited release of Justice League: the Snyder Cut, but we don’t need an excuse to celebrate the Dark Knight, right? So in an effort to boost website traffic celebrate the momentous film release, how about a retro gaming review of one of the Dynamic Duo’s video game adventures? You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger

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Review: “Playing at the Next Level” (SEGA Dreamcast Anniversary Special)

Welcome back to SEGA Dreamcast 20th Anniversary Week at The Splintering! Today we’re reviewing Playing at the Next Level in which author Ken Horowitz details the history of SEGA of America with an emphasis on SEGA’s U.S. development teams and some of their more notable games.* Starting with the ill-fated Master System and continuing all the way until SEGA’s swan

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