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Stan Lee’s legacy of pushing boundaries and freedom of expression

There’s several memorials to the late, great Stan Lee at the moment, but as is often the case, the outspoken RazörFist highlights several of Lee’s lesser-known contributions to western culture, including his history with pushing back against the restrictions of the Comics Code Authority, pioneering anime in the West, and his dedication to freedom of expression I feel it’s worth

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Remembering Stan Lee – my favorite moment

I never met Stan Lee. I only knew the Stan Lee public persona through cameos, public appearances, and of course, through his work. There are already a large number of online memorials following Lee’s passing on Monday, many of whom are from friends, colleagues, and those who actually met Stan the Man over the years. I can’t honestly assert any

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Stan Lee’s business manager arrested; investigated for elder abuse

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Keya Morgan, former business manager to Stan Lee, for alleged abuses against the legendary Marvel Comics creator. The investigation follows a complaint filed two months ago in which the 95 year-old Lee accused Morgan of isolating him from his friends and family. According to the accusation, Morgan moved Lee from his home to

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