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Capcom Censored “Street Fighter II”, One of the Greatest Games of All Time

Last week, Capcom released Capcom Arcade Stadium on the Nintendo Switch, which includes a number of classic games from Capcom’s arcade library. However, it did not take long for gamers to notice that two key alterations had been made to the latest version of Street Fighter II, likely due to modern-day political concerns. Twitter user @pomegd posted screenshots of the

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Which “Street Fighter II” characters are least likely to survive their injuries?

Street Fighter II originally landed in arcades on 6 February 1991 (Yep, 30 years ago). To mark the occasion, let’s have some fun with one of the finer details of the game. Fans of Street Fighter II and other Japanese games may have noticed that a character’s blood type is often listed in their bio. There are some important cultural

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Mother sues EGM over son’s death 27 years after Sheng Long April Fools joke

In 1992, 13-year old Richard Hunt was awake in his room, well past his bedtime, playing away furiously at Street Fighter II on his Super Nintendo. Richard’s mother, Debra Hunt, recalls walking into his room at nearly midnight. “I was really angry with him,” she says “It was a school night. I remember I threatened to take the TV out

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