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Retro Game Review: “Truxton” (SEGA Genesis, 80s August Special)

Welcome back to 80s August, The Splintering’s month-long celebration of all things octogenarian… from a 20th century point of view.  The SEGA Genesis is largely remembered as a 90s gaming powerhouse, but it was actually released in 1989. That makes a handful of the console’s early games babies of the 80s.  Truxton (aka 達人 or Tatsujin in Japan… which means something like “expert”) is one

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Risqué Retro Arcade Game “Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX)” Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC

RAWRLAB Games and TATSUJIN recently announced that Pipi & Bibi’s will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam PC later this year as Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX). Originally developed in 1991 by TOAPLAN (creators of Snow Bros.), the Pipi & Bibi’s arcade game went mostly under the radar due to most arcades choosing not to license it. Why? Not

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