Werewolf dudes take on vampire ladies in “CONFLICT: Claws Out”, a new comic project now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, the new horror comic CONFLICT: Claws Out launched on Indiegogo. CONFLICT is a 60-page graphic novel by James Dean Anderson which features a unique spin on classic horror characters.

Here’s a plot summary taken from the Conflict Indiegogo campaign page.

Follow the stories of some very different people who are trying to survive the world, after a prehistoric virus reemerges and changes their lives, forever. The H1NV virus causes a variety of issues, but the long and the short of it is simple: IF you survive, men tend to display traits similar to what we think of as werewolves, while many women fall more into the category of what we think of as vampires. As you can imagine, humans get caught in the middle and it quickly becomes a race to survive, in CONFLICT: Claws Out.

Backers can get a digital version of the book for $15, while physical copies of CONFLICT start at $25. Those who spend more can get extra copies of the book, original sketches, stickers, t-shirts, and even have your likeness drawn into the final book. It’s also worth noting that there is a “love the troops” backing tier, where in addition to receiving your own copy, five copies will be donated to U.S. military members, and you know a service member, their likeness will be drawn into the book as well.

If you’re interested, check out some sample artwork below (that will be in full color when the book is completed) or visit the full CONFLICT: Claws Out Indiegogo campaign page here.

Conflict: Claws Out book cover  Varsity ComicsConflict: Claws Out sample page No. 1 city protestConflict: Claws Out sample page No. 2 wolf man's attempt attackConflict: Claws Out sample page No. 3 the three things to rememberConflict: Claws Out sample page No. 4 lady pulled into the crowd

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