The divisive “Detective Pikachu” trailer is threatening to tear the Pokémon fandom apart (humor)

On Monday, the first trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was revealed online, and not since Sonic’s arms were colored blue has a fandom been so completely decimated in mere minutes.

Watch the trailer below to see what we’re talking about.

Fuzzy. Pikachu.

It should go without saying that the Internet wasted no time in lashing out, Pokémon fan pitted against Pokémon fan, mangling the long-cherished fandom.

Check out these totally not cherry-picked HOT TAKES!

Fuzzy Pikachu post

Fuzzy Charazard post

Fuzzy Pokemon skins post

Mr. Mime is the king of looks, what happened Psyduck and Charazard post

Unexpected Pikachu = furry theory post

Of course this was the Internet – even worse – Twitter, so it didn’t take long for the conversation around Detective Pikachu to descend into LITERAL hate speech.

No hate here from the Splintering

Will the Pokémon fandom survive the fuzzy Pikachu mania? It’s looking rough, so far. Which side am I on? Well, of course I’m on the right side of history! (Whichever side that is)

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