Brie Larson to play Mara Jade in “Star Wars Episode IX”

She’s been dropping hints for weeks, but now Lucasfilm has confirmed that Brie Larson will be joining the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX… as fan-favorite Mara Jade!

Larson reacted to the announcement on social media. “I’m double-plus happy to be joining the Star Wars universe as the most iconic character in James (sic) Lucas’ canon!”

Larson became a divisive figure when when she made controversial comments starred as Carl Manvers in Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel. When asked whether she thought that diehard Star Wars fans (in some cases known as The Fandom Menace) would accept her as Mara Jade, Larson responded, “I honestly don’t care what fans think. This movie isn’t made for them. It’s made for Kathleen Kennedy.” Larson continued, “I just want to be clear, I don’t hate all fans, just Star Wars fans.”

Larson’s part as Mara Jade was apparently shot under conditions of extreme secrecy during recent reshoots which wrapped earlier this year.

To see Lucasfilm’s full reveal announcement, go here.

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