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Star Wars’ Rey Isn’t a Wahman, She’s a Genetic Aberration (aka a Mistake)

The most recent retcon by Lucasfilm (LFL) elaborates on The Rise of Skywalker‘s Palpatine being an ill-formed clone. So, to follow their reasoning, our hero physically interdicts against her father who’s also her grandfather who’s developmentally disabled? Maybe he was drinking, too… At the minimum, he’s got to be in danger of the opioid crisis. Genetic deformity’s got to hurt,

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The Simple Goodness of “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and a Ten-Year-Old’s Imagination

Picture November 1978 as Thanksgiving approaches. A little “science fiction western” released last May has enthralled the hearts of generations young and old. Grandparents snicker at this “new thing” reinvigorating the movie industry just being entertainment from their childhood. Parents enjoy the lack of nudity, “f-bombs,” and politically-driven lectures that infect most cinema. Dads look forward to buying cool Star Wars

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Disappointed backers of “Stealing Solo” comic to receive a reprinted book

Over the last week, backers of Jeff Hicks’ crowdfunded Star Wars-inspired parody Stealing Solo began receiving their long-awaited books in the mail. Unfortunately, instead of being treated as premium collectibles and shipped accordingly, the books were received with no protective envelope or packaging, with the mailing address physically stamped directly on the back cover (like a Victoria’s Secret catalogue… What?).

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From “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” – The Rise of J. J. Abrams (opinion)

On the 20th of December, people will take a break from the holidays to watch The Rise of Skywalker. The timing of the movie virtually assures Disney of a hit regardless of fan support. Fans are concerned the success of the movie will lead to more DISNEY Star Wars versus stories that respect the previous lore. It’s a well-founded fear.

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Theories on why -THAT- character is missing from the “Star Wars IX” teaser

For the tens and tens of Star Wars fans hoping that Episode IX would also mean the rise of Tico, those hopes took a hit last week when Lucasfilm released the first Rise of Skywalker teaser/trailer. So what happened to the galaxy’s most famous, moralizing potato sack? We’ve got some theories, so let’s explore and let us know what you

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