Disappointed backers of “Stealing Solo” comic to receive a reprinted book

Over the last week, backers of Jeff Hicks’ crowdfunded Star Wars-inspired parody Stealing Solo began receiving their long-awaited books in the mail. Unfortunately, instead of being treated as premium collectibles and shipped accordingly, the books were received with no protective envelope or packaging, with the mailing address physically stamped directly on the back cover (like a Victoria’s Secret catalogue… What?).


Needless to say, backers were disappointed to receive the final product, particularly those which were damaged in transit due to the lack of a protective mailer or envelope.

Among those disappointed with the situation was Hicks himself, who made a video response to his disgruntled backers (below) on his World Class Bullshitters YouTube page. According to Hicks, the company he contracted to print the book also provided the fulfillment, and that during negotiations, the company assured him that they were experienced in printing and shipping comics. Stealing Solo is Hicks’ first experience with self-publishing a comic book, so he took the printer’s assurances at face value.

After discussions with the printer following the delivery debacle, Hicks has released a new backer update with good news: all backers will be getting a new, reprinted book, this time shipped appropriately. Hicks noted that the printing company was very helpful in addressing his concerns, though it’s unclear whether Hicks is taking a hit out-of-pocket to make the new print run happen. You can read Hicks’ full backer update below.

Certainly this situation is unfortunate for everyone involved, but Hicks can at least be applauded for his transparency and for negotiating a quick resolution. Let’s hope that Stealing Solo backers are happy with their final product, and that everyone learned a lesson moving forward about details and diligence.

Still better than The Last Jedi, though. (*scurries under a rock)

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