The cosplay scene at MAGFest 2019

Cosplay has always been a huge draw for the MAGFest (Music and Games Fest) crowd, and 2019 was no exception. There’s always a great deal of effort and imagination that goes into these, so let’s check a look! (As always, no Deadpools)


The photo really doesn’t do this Snorlax justice. So much girth! This was one big, round boi.


I caught Lara Croft red-handed trying to raid an ATM. I was lucky to escape alive.


I don’t always get too excited over Star Wars cosplay, but I do like Jawas.


Samus playing Metroid Prime on a Nintendo GameCube. Incepted.


A well-done Cindy Aurum from Final Fantasy XV.


Ryu found Dhalsim found each other, and immediately tried to beat each other to a vomitous pulp.


A very impressive Beast Boy with one of the many 2B cosplayers in the background.


Catherine (with a “C”), complete with curls (also with a “C”)


Mr. Oogie Boogie says “There’s trouble close at hand.”


It’s a shame the lighting for this one didn’t come out so well, because this Midna was stunning.


Who doesn’t love Sakura?


This inflatable Pikachu finally bridges the gap between furries and inflation fetishists.


The clouded contacts really sell this Queen Sindel from Mortal Kombat.

Got a favorite? Comment freely below!

MAGFest is held annually at Gaylord Convention Center at National Harbor in Maryland.

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