Ethan Van Sciver launches Indiegogo campaign for new “Cyberfrog” comic, fully funded in 20 minutes

On Wednesday, comic book artist and YouTubeStar Wars commentator Ethan Van Sciver launched the long-awaited crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrog: Blood Honey on Indiegogo. Originally seeking 8 thousand dollars to fully fund the project, that benchmark was reached roughly 20 minutes after the campaign went live.

Ethan van sciver cyberfrog blood honey wonder woman dc comics

Van Sciver is already adept at drawing swarms of bugs, it seems

Van Sciver (Scriver?) created and published Cyberfrog comics from 1993 to 1998, but abandoned the character when he shifted into more mainstream work including the Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern for DC Comics, X-Men for Marvel, and even illustrating self-help psychology books. After being disillusioned with the comic book industry, Van Sciver decided to return to Cyberfrog as a way to create comics with full creative control.

So where has Cyberfrog been in the last 20 years? In an alternate past, the world as we know it ended in August 1998 when an alien race of hornets invaded earth and Cyberfrog was put into stasis. He awakens in 2018 to a conquered world, and Cyberfrog joins forces with his brother Salamandroid to free earth from the alien hornet menace.

Ethan Van Sciver is acting as both writer and artist on Cyberfrog: Blood Honey with coloring duties falling to Kyle Ritter.

The campaign has four tiers of perks:

  • $25– A copy of the new, 48-page book Cyberfrog: Blood Honey comic signed by Ethan Van Sciver.
  • $50– A signed copy of Cyberfrog: Blood Honey and signed copy of a separate Cyberfrog ashcan edition book.
  • $100– All of the above perks plus a unique headsketch of Cyberfrog.
  • $1,000– All of the above perks plus a page of original art from the Cyberfrog: Blood Honey book (limited to 48 backers)
Ethan van sciver cyberfrog blood honey salamandroid

Salamandroid is ready for action

Despite struggling sales at local comic retailers, comic books have found a bit of a resurgence via crowdfunding. Cyberfrog closely follows other hugely successful crowdfunding projects such as Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss and Team Splatto’s Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. At the time of this writing, Cyberfrog: Blood Honey had already raised over 45 thousand dollars from nearly 800 backers.

You can check out the Cyberfrog: Bloody Honey Indiegogo page here. Go ahead and click the link. I promise it’s not porn.

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