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Wonder Woman 2 officially titled “Wonder Woman 1984”; set photos reveal returning characters (spoilers)

The sequel to Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman movie has officially started filming, and  information about the sequel is already trickling out. The official title of the new movie is Wonder Woman 1984, which isn’t much of a surprise after DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns teased as much on social media two weeks ago. (*Spoilers ahead*) From the title, it’s clear

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Ethan Van Sciver launches Indiegogo campaign for new “Cyberfrog” comic, fully funded in 20 minutes

On Wednesday, comic book artist and YouTubeStar Wars commentator Ethan Van Sciver launched the long-awaited crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrog: Blood Honey on Indiegogo. Originally seeking 8 thousand dollars to fully fund the project, that benchmark was reached roughly 20 minutes after the campaign went live. Van Sciver (Scriver?) created and published Cyberfrog comics from 1993 to 1998, but abandoned the

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Former Wonder Woman, Thor artist homeless, crowdfunding to pay debt

Former Marvel and DC Comics creator William Messner-Loebs has been a significant influence on several of comics’ most iconic characters including Wonder Woman, Thor and The Flash. Starting in 2001, however, a series of life challenges compounded that sent Messner-Loebs and his family down a path of misfortune. After seeing success with an MTV series based on his hit comic

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