“Sit-Down Sunday” Comic Book News Livestream – 9 August 2020 Edition

On the latest installment of Sit Down Sunday (hosted on Patrick Thomas Parnell’s YouTube channel Riot Press Productions), The Splintering founder Blake Worrell got another chance to discuss recent comic book news with both Parnell and The Shepherd creator Dr. Andrea Molinari.

This week, the main event was celebrating the successful launch of Johnny Phantasm 1985. We also discussed the top ten living legends in comic book art, Valiant Comics closing their New York office, our hopes for an “Eric Stoltz Cut” of Back to the Future, and Starlight Cats creator Shane Davis tells us why he won’t consider changing the title of his book to Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh.

Thanks again to Patrick for letting us play in his sandbox. (*Cue canned applause for Patrick)

You can watch the livestream for yourself below, or subscribe to the Riot Press Productions YouTube channel here. To check out previous installments of Sit Down Sunday, go here.

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