Wonder Woman 2 officially titled “Wonder Woman 1984”; set photos reveal returning characters (spoilers)

The sequel to Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman movie has officially started filming, and  information about the sequel is already trickling out.

The official title of the new movie is Wonder Woman 1984, which isn’t much of a surprise after DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns teased as much on social media two weeks ago.

(*Spoilers ahead*)

Wonder Woman 1984 first logo

From the title, it’s clear that Wonder Woman 1984 will take place one year prior to the events of Back to the Future. What will a setting in the mid-1980s bring with it? Well, amazing fashion, of course! Including the timeless look of a black Members Only jacket – stylishly modeled below by – yep – that guy.

WW84 wonder woman 1984 Steve Trevor set photo members only jacket

In any era, Steve Trevor is an impeccable dresser

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins released the above photo via social media earlier today. Clearly the intent is to indicate that Steve Trevor isn’t as dead as the end of the first film led us to believe. However, given that he hasn’t aged between the end of World War I and the year 1984, there’s probably some magic involved.

Given Steve’s confused look, it’s safe to expect that he will be the fish out of water this time around, and Diana will have to escort him around the world of the 1980s which includes getting him properly dressed. Since ice cream has become a recurring staple for Wonder Woman, there’s of course an ice cream shop behind him for good measure. Nice.

WW84 Wonder Woman staring at screensIf we read into them more than we probably should, the few images we have hint at some possible thematic elements of Wonder Woman 1984, such as mass communications or, similar to the original Robocop, the advent of rampant consumerism. Though perhaps Wonder Woman 1984 will sidestep cultural subtext altogether and we’ll get a fun movie where Wonder Woman gets to beat up a bunch of evil Soviet communists. We can hope, anyway.

Even with Steve revealed as alive, the mystery of how he returns still remains. Is it the work of Hades? Amazonian magic? One of Circe’s tricks? And since he’s back, will he stay that way? Diana’s behavior in both Batman V Superman and Justice League certainly implied that Steve wasn’t still around. Will he simply die all over again? That’s a bit redundant, but since the movie is set in the mid-80s, maybe he’ll just die from AIDS. So much for sidestepping the cultural subtext.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release on November 1, 2019.

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