New “Wonder Woman 1984” movie posters revealed at CCXP19

A new set of movie posters for Wonder Woman 1984 were revealed today at Comic Con Experience 2019 (CCXP) in Brazil. Keeping with the retro aesthetic of previous promotional materials, the new posters feature neon lights, scan lines, and of course, the ever-fetching Gal Gadot in iconic Wonder Woman garb.

Wonder Woman 1984 is directed by Patty Jenkins and is scheduled to release on 5 June 2020. While we all wait for the movie to drop, let’s all have a long, close look at the new posters below and decide which is our favorite. Give us your answer in the comments!

Max Headroom is still unconfirmed as a WW84 villain

Warner Bros. – this should be made into a hypercolor shirt. You’re welcome.

This one would great anywhere. Your office, home entertainment room, the ceiling above your bed….

How many Texans are seeing the Whataburger logo in this one?

If I saw this sign on a highway, I’d immediately take the next exit and never leave.

Source: Geeks + Gamers

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