“PunchLine” joins the recent run of indie comics successes on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for PunchLine: Blood Sisters ended successfully, raising 178% of its original funding goal for a total of $9812.

The creative team behind PunchLine includes industry veterans Bill Williams (writer) and Matthew Weldon (illustrator), though this project is their first collaboration together.

The Indiegogo campaign was set up to fund signed hard cover and trade paperback editions of the first PunchLine story arc, Blood Sisters, which was itself a girthy 124 pages, but also planned is a cover gallery and extra art & sketch book pages which increases the page count to an even girthier 140+.

Below is a quick breakdown of Blood Sisters’ plot from the project’s Indiegogo page:

PunchLine starts when Mel, a costumed hero, is forced into retirement and to pass her responsibilities along to a young girl named Jessie. To add insult to injury, Mel is ordered to stick around to train her replacement. During training, Jessie starts to question Mel’s drive and instincts.

PunchLine joins the expanding pantheon of other recent comic crowdfunding successes, including mega-hits Jawbreakers and Cyberfrog, as well as smaller projects such as Jack Irons and The Ferryman. Unfortunately, the PunchLine project did not transition to an on-demand store as other Indiegogo campaigns did, so you may be out of luck if you missed the backing deadline.

The full Punchline Indiegogo page can be found here

…and no, I won’t make a menstruation joke just because the story is titled Blood Sisters. How juvenile of you to think otherwise!


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