The “Punchline x Black Hops x RAGS” crossover comic is coming in 2019…ish

Details for an upcoming crossover event featuring the protagonists of Punchline, RAGS, and Black Hops USA G.I. have started to slowly trickle out. The book is currently hoping for a 2019 debut, though that date isn’t set in stone. Some official artwork has also been revealed, which you can check out below or purchase a poster/print of the image at the official RAGS Swag store here, if you like what you see.

RAGS x Punchline x Black Hops coming 2019

All three of these series have generated a lot of buzz for their independent comics publisher, Antarctic Press. Both Black Hops and RAGS are currently available in comic book stores and digitally via Comixology (though good luck finding a physical copy of RAGS #1 anywhere before it gets reprinted next month), while Punchline #1 is scheduled to release on 31 October.

The crossover project is very much in the early stages of development, as the final creative team hasn’t even been ironed out yet. Devising how the worlds of superheroes, war-fighting bunnies and zombie survival will successfully cross over sounds like quite a challenge, but it sure sounds like fun.

Interested? You may want to consider contributing to the RAGS creative team’s Patreon page here for the most up-to-date information.

RAGS x Punchline x Blacks Hops art work

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